1. Timecop

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    I am currently using the Trial to figure out if I can watch Netflix 4K on my MacBook, which is currently restricted to Microsoft Edge + Netflix App on Windows.
    I have installed Windows, but Edge and the app don't seem to get beyond 1920x1080. I check the current resolution via ctrl+alt+shift+D while a 4K-capable movie is playing.
    Of course, I do have the appropriate hardware, internet connection and Netflix subscription and I have set the video quality in the Netflix settings to 'high'. I have assigned 8 CPU cores + 1GB GPU memory (!) to Windows and I have set the option 'Best for Retina Display'.
    Could you help me to figure out what the issue might be?
  2. JeffK6

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    I had the exact same issue and it seemed like the performance overall was laggy and slow but when I increased the video resolution it actually seems like parallels is running better. Which is odd because i thought higher res would make it lag more..

    Here's how to change the resolution as you ask. Keep parallels graphics setting Resolution - " Best for Retina display".

    But the critical item is now when in your windows virtual machine, set screen resolution as you would in native windows. So go to Settings - Display - Advanced display settings - You'll see Display 1: Parallels Vu

    - click on Display adapter properties for Display 1
    - Generic PnP Monitor .... window should pop up.
    - Click on List All Modes
    - Depending on if you have a 15/16" or 13" or iMac, etc, select the maximum resolution. In my case I have a MBP 16" and selected 3072 by 1920, True Color (32 bit), 64 Hertz.

    Took me 20 minutes to figure out how to fix this.. I hated how the 1920 res looked, made webpages almost unreadable to my eyes... everything is great and a I said, it seems like a lot of lag disappeared..

    Hope this helps, respond with questions if you get stuck.
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  3. Timecop

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    Hi @JeffK6,
    thanks for the interesting feedback! Sadly, in that specific setting, it was already set to the highest res (3072x1920, 32-bit, 64 Hertz). Are you able to watch 4K Netflix (as shown in their bitrate settings)?

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