Network adapter not working after sleep

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by CameronA, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. CameronA

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    If I run Windows 10 in parallels and then put my macbook to sleep and then wake it up, the network adapter in the VM no longer functions and I have to fix it by resetting the network adapter in windows. I am using it in bridged mode if that's of any significance. Is there a way of preventing this from happening?
  2. Maria@Parallels

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    Hey @CameronA , could you please reproduce the same issue with the Shared mode and provide us with the results.
  3. JoeL3

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    I've been having a similar problem with a Windows 7 guest on a Mac El Capitan host...forever. I tried just about everything to fix it and finally tried something that seems to work that I'll share here for others to try: disable the DNS Client service on the Windows guest (don't just stop it, or mark it as Manual to start, because it'll just restart itself, you need to disable it). Good luck. This has been a thorn in my side for >1year. --joe
  4. Sasti@Parallels

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    Hello @JoeL3,
    Thank you for sharing the solution with us, which we will try in our lab as well. We really appreciate your active participation and would like to see them in the future. Feel free to reach out to us any time.

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