Network connection lost when not used

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by jdxjohn, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. jdxjohn

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    I've had this for years and never got a resolution:

    When I start up my W10 VM, everything is fine and I have internet access. However if I do not use the internet for ~1minute, it loses connection. I have to disable then re-enable the network adapter:

    It is definitely linked to the adapter not being used because my workaround is to run a command-window:
    ping -t
    And if I do this at startup, the internet connection is never lost.

    I've had this over several major versions of Parallels, and it persists when I migrate my VM to a brand new Mac. It can't be normal, is it a known bug? I have looked at settings several times and nothing seems to work.
  2. Elric

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    please reproduce the issue. Then execute in command-windows "ipconfig /all" (stretch the window to make all the output fit). Then go to menu of Parallels Desktop Help -> Send Technical Data (make sure that "Attach screenshots and other files" is checked) and send a report. Post here its number

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