Network issues with Parallels 17, Ventura 13.2.1

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by JasonK29, Mar 29, 2023.

  1. JasonK29

    JasonK29 Bit poster

    Host: 2018 Mac Mini, 6-core i7, 32 GB RAM, Ventura 13.2.1, Parallels Desktop 17
    Guest: Ventura 13.2.1
    Issue 1: configuring the virtual network interface to Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT causes boot hang with 100% CPU. Reverting back to virtio adapter works fine. Tried both Apple and Parallels hypervisors with no difference between them.
    Issue 2: when guest is configured with bridged networking, connections to the guest system via RealVNC's cloud service repeatedly drop/reconnect as though keepalive packets are lost. Configuring the guest with shared network fixes this but that isn't a viable permanent solution. I ran a ping test and there are no dropped ICMP packets during the RealVNC cloud service disco/reco periods.

    Anyone run into either of these issues?
  2. NatasyaJ

    NatasyaJ Bit poster

    How did you set the virtual interface to Intel (R) PRO/1000 MT during the first setup in Vagrantfile? For me, the VM cannot be pinged from outside the host machine using public DNS that we have applied to it.

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