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Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by StuartD2, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. StuartD2

    StuartD2 Bit Poster

    Have set up a new machine here and installed a windows 10 virtual machine, upon which I spend a lot of time in CAD..

    Now this CAD program is finely tuned and for my convenience, has been directed to many paths for LISP routine, fonts, templates, script files etc etc..

    So, subsequently I now find that, often upon returning to my computer parallels has renamed the paths, wherein I have to reset everything to get it operational again..

    How to get these paths to stick...?

    I didn't have this issue with my old computer.. there's a switch somewhere...


  2. Dmitry@Parallels

    Dmitry@Parallels Staff Member

    Hi @StuartD2, I will be happy to help but please give me some more details.
    1. Can you please send me an example of network locations? Before and after unexpected change.
    2. Please send us a technical report right after you notice that the path had changed. Go to Help menu > Send Technical Data... Please post the report ID here.
  3. StuartD2

    StuartD2 Bit Poster

    Thanks.. I am trying to get to this.. Have been out on site, now back at my computer. Thought in the first instance I could take a screenshot of the paths using parallel tools screen capture. However, while this facility functions, it produces a blank image.......
    Will look for another way and get back to you...
  4. RogerH6

    RogerH6 Kilo Poster

    It has always done this for me. It'll map a drive as R one day, S another, then T. No difference to the boot, it just seems to be random... :(
  5. StuartD2

    StuartD2 Bit Poster

    Just coming back around to this...
    I have so little time for the IT... if my hands don't move I don't make money...

    While chasing down a few other things, relating to this new machine and on the back of several emails from Parallels, stating v14 is 35% faster etc. etc.. I chose to purchase and install v14 of desktop. Now since getting that somewhat sorted I will say my network paths have stuck (happy days), I will also say this confirms for me that indeed, in marketing, politics and rock and roll you can say whatever you want...
    35% faster my arse....
    Nothing changed for me in that regard, working in CAD under Windows 10 is still like trying to run through wet concrete...
  6. DavidY1

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    I've also had this problem for quite a while. I have shortcuts on my Windows taskbar that point to network locations, which change frequently. A bit frustrating. I've found that if a shortcut doesn't work, sometimes I can right click and open file location, and the appropriate folder with the shortcuts comes up. I'm able to open the shortcuts from there. I don't understand that at all. Shouldn't have to use work arounds.
  7. StuartD2

    StuartD2 Bit Poster

    Had a a good run, but it's come to an end....
    Looking at the attached and this is how it has run in the past, the previous dropbox network location was Y:
    When I turn the virtual machine on again today (note: because I am nervous around the effects of turning a virtual machine or computer off, everything tends to stay on....) parallels has ascribed he network location X: to dropbox.

    Now, this cocks up several things, not the least of which being CAD, which needs to be directed to many network paths in order to function.

    Does anyone, anyone at all, have an idea as to how to get the network paths to stick..?
    This time I will investigate how to rename network locations in Windows, rather than redirect everything again...

    But it would be good if things could stay where I put them....

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