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    Please put in your suggestion box, that Parallels should make it easy to make VM's and Mac part of same private network in shared network mode.

    Today VM's can connect to each other. My VM's can also connect to resources on my local network, but I can't get my Mac to connect to resources on my VM, since there is no routing between my 192.x.x.x network, and the 10.x.x.x network.

    You already write "Parallels Desktop will work as a virtual router for your virtual machine". Great, then route the ip from my Mac in 192.x.x.x or whatever, to the network setup in Parallels network setting, which in my case is 10.x.x.x

    What is most strange to me is that the Parallels Network settings in Parallels Desktop Preferences already have a checkmark in "Connect Mac to this Network" but the Mac is nowhere to be found? Nor is an ip address on the Mac to the 10.x.x.x network?

    I could change to Bridged Network, but as a traveller, that is a hazard.
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    Found this guide that fixed it. Please make a button that runs the script.
    I had the same issue but resolved it by doing a few things, I'm not if all steps are required:
    1. Uncheck "connect mac to this network" on all networks listed in Preferences -> Network
    2. (test -- still not working)
    3. sudo ifconfig bridge100 down
    4. sudo ifconfig bridge100 up
    5. sudo ifconfig bridge101 down
    6. sudo ifconfig bridge101 up
    7. (test -- still not working)
    8. restart parallels
    9. (test -- working!)
    In my case bridge100 == shared network and bridge101 is my host-only. If you have more than two bridge networks you will need to find out what ones are owned by parallels.

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