Network won't come up

Discussion in 'Parallels Provider for Vagrant' started by AronT, Aug 12, 2019.

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    I just installed the latest version of Vagrant and latest version of the Parallels plugin (and I am running the lates version of Parallels). I downloaded Hashicorp's Nomad test Vagrantfile. It has Parallels support built in and uses bento/ubuntu-16.04

    When I bring up the vagrant box I get stuck with the error:
    A start job is running for Raise network interface
    A terminal opens up prompting for username/password but since don't the latter I can't change the logs, and can't apply any of the fixes mentioned on line. I tried switching to both a public network, and a private network, I tried 18.04 (that just changed the error message).

    In any case since networking isn't working I can't vagrant ssh and I can't do anything else.

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