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Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by Miata_blk, May 11, 2007.

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    Previous to installing a new wireless router at home, I was able to connect to just about any network from just about any location. This was using wireless or wired on my MacBook Pro. It was actually easy to do and fairly transparent.

    Two days ago I installed a new wireless router at home that now uses NAT, all computers on our home network are behind it. At this point, although my MacBook readily connects to the 'Net, I am unable to do that with my Parallels virtual machine. I'm not sure what changed, but this virtual machine does not seem to pull an IP address any more.

    I've tweaked so many settings that I can't recall what the original was, but I only need to get an IP address from a variety of locations.

    Suggestions and/or assistance?


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    This sounds similar to a problem I had with switching from WiFI to Wired access when visiting client's offices.

    I would shut down Windows and edit your virtual machine. Change the Network type to "shared" and restart Windows.

    There are actually several types of network connection, try them until one works.

    Be sure to set your Windows back to full auto DHCP. If you added any exoctic settings - like proxy servers, clear them.

    Speaking of which, does your new WiFi have such exotic features? What make/model is it?
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    Networking Broken (now fixed)

    I normally use shared networking because I use Parallels for Mac on my MacBook with several clients on a variety of networks.

    What I discovered and works is that Parallels was using NAT also, which is a good thing, but that it was on the subnet ( that was being used by my router. I am far from an expert, but when I changed the subnet in Parallels preferences everything started working again.

    I'm now using Shared Networking, with the subnet of

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