Networking with Host but without Ethernet Cable

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by philipp.schmid, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. philipp.schmid



    first of all, your virtual machine is really really fast on my macbook. Very good work!

    But, is there any way to get networking working on my MacBook when I'm on the go and have no ethernet cable plugged into it?

    I'd like to do networking with my host os without being connected to any network on my host os.

    Thanks for the great product,

    Philipp Schmid
  2. marcmac


    I had this problem on XP, and solved it (I think) this way:
    control-panel, network connections
    Change firewall settings
    activate firewall/shared connection

    Then, go through the network setup wizard, and the connection shows up in my list. Hopefully, I'll get an IP address from it.

    ** EDIT:
    I just rebooted, since I couldn't get an IP, and this is not working... :(

    Anyone else seeing network problems on an MBP with ethernet connected?
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  3. ms @ parallels

    ms @ parallels Parallels Team

    You can up interface via ifconfig e.g. ifconfig en0 up without any IP address assigned. (Can't test this now on OS X but on any UNIX os this working)
  4. alan


    i am unable to ping OSX host from XP when connected via en1 (wi-fi). i havent tried via cable ethernet.
  5. ms @ parallels

    ms @ parallels Parallels Team

    This is known issue, guest can't "see" host via WiFi interface. This will be fixed in future versions.
  6. bhibbert


    Look forward to the fix

    I was just about to post that I had the same problem (with my iMac which connects via wifi).

    Glad to see you are on it and looking forward to the reply. Hopefully it will be soon because it's hard to use (or even activate) Windows XP without connecting to the Net. Do you have a timeframe for the fix?

  7. ms @ parallels

    ms @ parallels Parallels Team

    This problem should be fixed in next beta-version.
  8. dentate2


    opposite issue

    Now I can see the host from the VM but ONLY with Wifi (en1 and Wifi enabled). en0 or wifi unchecked will not work. Problem is my office VPN will not work correctly with these settings but works great if I uncheck the Wifi.
  9. I have the same problem: if my mac is not online (neither ethernet connection nor wlan) it has no IP address assigned to any network device. In consequence the guest running in parallels has not IP address too. The reason is, that there is no DHCP-Server accessible. The soution could be to set the IP addreses manually, but you cannot do that, when there is not ehternet cable plugged in to your mac. This is really bad and parallels should be improved. There should be a network connection between guest and host even if your mac has no network connection to the outside. There should be a solution like in VMWare.

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