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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by JohannM, Jan 25, 2011.

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    2X Software has just released a new 2X Client for Android.

    Stay connected to your home or office Windows PC with the free 2X Client for Android mobiles and tablets. 2X Client allows you to simply connect, via RDP, to your remote Windows desktop & applications at work or home. 2X Client also connects to 2X VirtualDesktopServer v9 to seamlessly run published Windows applications such as Microsoft Office, published Windows desktops from Windows Terminal Server and virtual desktops hosted on all major VDIs including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix Xen.

    To read more about the features and download 2X Client for Android, please see our 2X Client for Android page.
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    Please, return old menu in RDP Client. It is very uncomfortable now. :( I can't access window's appropriate button and right corner's application menu!
    In old version, menu was very comfortable.
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    Has anyone tried to use this to get to Windows 8 or Windows Server 8 - does not work for me.
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    Has anyone tried to use on Windows 8 CP or Windows Server 8 - can't get it to work.
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    I just downloaded and installed the 2X client on my Samsung Galaxy Note and tried to install the client on my Windows 8 touch PC for the secure RDP session and received an error message before the installation began saying the client is not compatible with my OS. So I took a step back and tried to install the "unsecure" and free version of the 2X app on my phone (once I was able to get past the haranguing ads warning me that what I was about to do was dangerous and foolish) only to find that my set up is wrong. I admit that I am no IT guru. I figured out how to pull the IPv4 address of my PC but I connect to a router via WIFI so I'm not sure if I am entering the intranet WIFI address or the internet router IP address or does it need the default GW address? Is there a quick start guide somewhere that I haven't found on how to set this up please?

    BTW 2X, I do take those warnings seriously and the only reason I would consider using the "unsecure" version is because I have a crazy strong password on my cell phone and an app that is programmed to explode the device if out of my possession for more than 2 minutes. Overkill you might say, but I had my last cell phone stolen and it was only because of quick action on my part that my bank accounts and credit accounts were not emptied. Soooooo, when do you plan on releasing a Windows8 compatible version please?
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    There is only one 2X Client for Android (which afaik is completely free), and it supports both the secure and the standard versions. However, to connect with the secure version (for home users), you will need to install the 2X SecureRemoteDesktop 'server' not the client on your Windows 8 machine. It should work on Windows 8 so if you have any problems, I'm sure the 2X Support team will be more than glad to help you out.

    As for a quick setup, I don't know of any, but you can always check the manual over here (it currently needs an update, as it is still stuck on v10.5, but you should still manage to get the basics).

    However, if you need an easy to use and secure setup for access over the internet, you should definitely try the 2XSecureRemoteDesktop they have launched recently. It can do some of the network setup work for you while adding in a few features on the way too.
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    thank you have shared

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