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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Google Chrome' started by esamqoul, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. esamqoul

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    2X Software has just released a new 2X Client for Chrome

    The 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop provides you with easy and secure remote access to your Microsoft Windows desktop.

    It’s specifically designed for Chrome, making it compatible across different platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS. The 2X Client for RDP provides a direct connection without using a public gateway, making your computing experience secure and private. It’s the first self contained, fully installable Chrome application. Additionally, as a user you can have multiple connections running concurrently and even use the application offline.

    • Cross platform supported (Windows, Linux, MAC OS and Chrome OS)
    • Provides secure direct RDP connection without using a public gateway, making your computing experience secure and private
    • Fully installable, self contained Chrome application
    • Supports Google Chrome 24 onwards
    • Unlimited connections running concurrently
    • Offline mode functional even when an internet connection is unavailable
    • Saves user settings to the Google Cloud for syncing across multiple systems
    • Fully developed with JavaScript and HTML5 technologies
    • Windows 2012 and Windows 8 compatible

    Search Terms: RDP, remote desktop, HTML5, VDI, terminal server, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Windows, Chrome, Windows Desktop, application delivery, Chromebook, Samsung, MAC, Linux
  2. Linkan1

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    I bought a Samsung Chromebook and when trying to install 2x client is says my device is not supported. Why?
  3. andrews8

    andrews8 Hunter

    The 2X ChromeBook Client can be downloaded from here:

    Please click 'Add To Chrome' to install. The latest version of the 2X ChromeBook client should be installable on all stable ChromeOS devices at this time of writing.
  4. Adan Bailey

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    Thanks for sharing useful source and information guideline. I enjoyed the whole post and got lots of ideas and useful suggestions. This is new information for me.
  5. NathanCorbier

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    There have been issues with this client on Chromebooks where the display appears to have horizontal lines, and in my case, a checkerboard pattern, of data that isn't refreshing properly. This makes the app useless on the ARM-edition Samsung Chromebook.

    This is a shame, as I use 2X extensively for Android.
  6. jp

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    The 'checkerboard' pattern is known to happen with Samsung ARM Chromebooks. This seems to be related to hardware acceleration. Until a solution is found try temporary disabling hardware acceleration and the issue should not persist:

    To disable hardware accelaration on your Chromebook:

    1. Navigate to chrome://flags from your browser
    2. Locate the 'Disable accelerated 2D canvas' option and click the Enable link beneath
    3. Restart your Chromebook
  7. nixmit

    nixmit Bit poster

    This advise works fine!
  8. nixmit

    nixmit Bit poster

    Disabling hardware acceleration does the trick: it's working fine on my Samsung Chromebook!
  9. endresd

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    Disabling hardware acceleration works. How do I get this setting on managed Chromebooks? I have made the change but it doesn't stick.
  10. discotek

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    It looks very nice and usefull. Does anyone know how to connect to a specified port? We use the port 8443. Tried allready unsuccessfull.

  11. discotek

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    hi there

    where i can choose the port for the connection?

    thx discotek
  12. Evana

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    How do I do this please?

    I've seen a forum post below this saying that this is not possible, but this release post (and the front page) indicate it is possible.

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