New ApplicationServer 4.1 available for download

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    1. Integration of load balancing and application serving. This means that applications are load balanced depending on the availability of the applications on the servers farm based on any combination of resources.

    2. Publishing of both Applications and Desktops. An administrator can now publish both applications and full desktops. This requires the new client (Windows only at present).

    3. Published can be done on all the farm, defined server groups or individual machines.

    4. Load balancing of RDP and ICA connection at the same time. A single server can be serving both ICA and RDP at the same time. Obviously publishing is only available with RDP servers.

    5. Configuration are easier to do, using a single user interface which validates all settings from the user. Simple wizards help the administratot to create the servers farm and to publish the applications easily.

    6. Support for enterprise level encryption. Clients can now connect securely using 4096 bit SSL encryption.

    7. Push the 2X Client installations to your network via ActiveDirectory. The Client MSI supports preconfiguration of all parameters using ORCA.

    8. Support of redundant 2X Publishing Agents.

    9. New and improved Publish to Web with support for groups, application description and new templates

    10. Reconnection improved. A new option to reconnect to an already connected session is now available.

    11. Functional notifications are sent if a 2X Terminal Server exceeds specified resource limits or a 2X Publishing Agent disconnects.

    12. Centralized monitoring information available for all your ApplicationServer farm.

    13. Improved managment of published applications and desktop by using Application groups.

    14. Predefined Application help adminitrator to publish difficult applications like control panel icons, etc.

    15. Remote Browsing of applications and folders available in your ApplicationServer farm with server information.

    16. Clients (Windows only at present) can now connect in Direct mode. Network connections do not need to pass through any gateways.

    17. Environment variables in Parameters options.

    18. Added support for Trusted Domains.

    19. New and improved Logging.

    20. Automatic software update notification now available on request.

    21. Client Gateway Citrix/RDP can be disabled on demand.

    22. Support for Domain Local and Universal Groups in filtering.

    23. Advanced settings in Client with new support for Always on Top and Auto Hide.

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