New ApplicationServer & Loadbalancer 4.1.142 Beta

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by nixu, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. nixu

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    Check out the new beta available here: ... taversion/

    Added features in server:
    • On reconnection startup application is activated if already running.
      Improved response time when applying settings.
      Client Update.
      Context sensitive help
      Publish to web, creates destination folder and copies client msi, client xml and template images.
      Username is case insensitive.
    Added features in client :
    • Improved logon.
      Improved backup server functionality.
      Use client system colors.
      Use client system settings (border size, fonts, etc..),
      Check for updates on startup (Administrator only)
      Check for updates now.
      Do not warn if server certificate is not verified.
      Default settings are saved for all users.
      Automatically fixes OCX registration if corrupt.
      Added client support for Win 98
  2. nerdpatrol

    nerdpatrol Guest


    When do you expect this version to be out of beta?
  3. jaubine

    jaubine Guest

    4.x Client???

    More importantly, when can we expect a new 4.x ThinClientServer Client package for linux??? I'm dying to use Application Server 4.1, but alas, I cannot since the 3.x linux client is not supported!!!
  4. nerdpatrol

    nerdpatrol Guest

    Automatic Updates

    Where does the automatic updates go to look for the update on the client? Will all future clients work with old servers, because I know that the v4 client does not work with server v3.
  5. nixu

    nixu Guest

    Re: Automatic Updates

    In the 2XAppServer-LoadBalancer-Client.msi, there is an UPDATECLIENTXML property. The default value is "".

    The Server MSI installation, contains a client msi and a copy of the xml. Administrators can update the UPDATECLIENTXML to point to an internal web server that contains the client xml file.

    In the XML file, the client download location is available and this can also be changed to point to a Client MSI located on an internal web server.


  6. rafelbev

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