New beta - USB headsets?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by dschamis, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. dschamis


    Has anyone tried using a USB headset with the new beta? This is the most important thing for me - I'm dying to ge tthis to work!


  2. unused_user_name


    USB headsets for sound/recording work fine. The trick is to not let the VM know it is USB, and have a headset that is Mac compatible.

    Here is how to make it work:

    1) With paralles NOT running plug in your headset.
    2) Go to Prefrences->Sound->Input
    3) Select your USB headset's input
    4) Goto Prefrences->Sound->Output
    5) If needed, select your USB headset's output (Most headsets don't need this step)
    6) Make sure your VM has sound support (if not, install sound support and re-install Parallels tools)
    7) Fire up Parallels and it works!

    **Don't unplug the headset while Parallels is running in this configuration. It will bork the sound in your VM untill you reboot it if you do.
  3. dkwehe


    I agree. I use a USB pod with a variety of different microphones and everything works fine in a MacBook. Set your volume on the OSX side, and it seems to carry over to the Win side. I found that I could adjust the volume on the OSX side and it will be changed on the Win side when I return.

    I also found that some USB pods didn't work for me -- stay away from Emkay and Buddy, whereas VXi and Andrea work well.

    I'm still exploring so keep us informed as to your successes.

  4. jondi


    My plantronics usb mike still does not work, and while carrying the sound over from the mac works, as suggested in many posts here, but at the expense of diminished sound quality. I unfortunately still have to use bootcamp with Dragon Dictate.
  5. unused_user_name


    Is this dimished sound quality in the new beta?

    I have found on mine that I no longer need the audio quality workaround in order to get it working. (search for "no more robot sound" in the forums to see this)

    I found that the sound in the new beta is fine, but I did have to make a new Dragon user, and retrain it under the Mac (even though I use the same Mic/usb pod under a real win box)

    Can you post a sample of the bad audio from the windows sound recorder?
  6. jondi


    I solved the problem, if the mike is plugged into the usb port on the left side of my powerbookpro I get a lot of noise, if its plugged into the usb port on the right side sound is fine, and dragon dictate works fine.

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