New build 3186 not yet localized??

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by pit29, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. pit29

    pit29 Bit poster

    New build 3186 not yet localized?? -- SOLVED, see post #35 in this thread


    I was very happy when I heard that the final Parallels build (3186) is available for download. However, I cannot activate this product with my activation key (which requires, I think, a localized Parallels version).

    Has anyone of you had the same experience? Any German / French / etc. users who could activate this product?

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  2. maclover

    maclover Bit poster

    Same problem here!
    And I don't have any localized version at all as it is in English. Bought at UK AppleStore ....

    Hope they solve this fast, as they sent out the email announcement even to me (and they know my code wouldn't have worked!)

  3. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    Well it is the same with the 2.5 since the beginning of public beta-testing. Seems like they don't really care to change this for the European people. Buying a valid key only gets you down. Hopefully there will be localized builds soon.

    I wonder what this whole thing with keeping UK/European keys out of the beta is for...
  4. pit29

    pit29 Bit poster

    Actually, for the beta-builds it was explicitely mentioned that they were not localized. I am using a trial key now, so I am hoping that this will be fixed in less than two weeks time...
  5. ozean

    ozean Bit poster

    us second class Parallels users

    I must say that I am really bothered by this. There are several reasons for this:
    • Parallels is not "localized" in a real sense. That is, it is not translated and thus the Parallels team does not have to wait for localization staff to complete their work before publication.
    • I have not yet seen a real explanation why we "international" users are treated differently than those who bought Parallels online.
    • I have been told that I can use the beta with a trial key. I did so. And then my trial key expired. And I should stop using my Boot Camp install? I e-mailed and contacted the Parallels team, asking for a new trial key or changing my key to a "non-international" key. During the first time I got a polite answer and my account was reset so that I could get a new key. After that one expired I contacted the Parallels team at least three times. No response at all.
    • I have been told that I will be able to use the new release build with my key. The build is here. Can I use it? No.
    Therefore I would ask, implore, and beg the Parallels Desktop for Mac team to please, please, please change this behaviour and (a) open up the next beta for all owners of keys, US, international or whatever, and (b) either provide us left-alone, second class users with a build that works for us as soon as possible or at least give us some information why we have to wait and when the wait will be over.

    Sorry for the rant, but very seldom has a registration issue bothered me as much as this. Thinking about it: probably never before. :(
  6. Judith

    Judith Bit poster

    Oh my, I so agree with you. I've been pressing the 'check for updates' button a million times the last month and I was so happy to see the final update ready last night and now I can't install it...I've already sent the Parallels team an e-mail. I hope they hurry up a little.

    I find it strange that they use different keys anyhow. What do I care if my version is localized or not. Ah well.. be patient my dear european friends.
  7. burratha

    burratha Bit poster

    Agreed. Update please?

    If this was a free download then it wouldn't be so much of a problem, but we've all paid good money.
  8. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    Well, I hope that at least somebody cares to read this an enlighten us, on how this is going to continue. After all, every version that you can buy currently in European stores, they all have the same stupid serial key problem.
  9. gandalf771

    gandalf771 Bit poster

    I've bought parallels at the apple store here in Italy, and they delivered me a boxed uk version made by avanquest, which is not localized, is in english!

    with the key included in this version I cannot activate the beta I have previously downloaded from the parallels website, and I cannot activate also the final build!

    parallels, you don't care of european customers? why you don't care of us?
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  10. Adslnation

    Adslnation Bit poster

    I have to say I agree, I am most unhappy by the fact that I am being treated a second class user just because of some stupid decision to use different serial numbers in retail box packs. Come on Parallels there is no reason for it !
  11. timadlr

    timadlr Junior Member

    @gandalf771: There is NO localization in these European versions. They are just different regarding the serial, which makes them incompatible to the US-version. Basically in a users mind there is absolutely no need to make a difference between these two versions. There has to be some weird economical decision behind this.
  12. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins Forum Maven

    probably to satisfy the local distributers

    Hugh W
  13. wiraone

    wiraone Bit poster

    I'm sooooo agree with you guys .. are we or are we not getting the update? I hate it being sided just because we have the boxed copies instead of the one bought from the online store.
  14. G-Force

    G-Force Junior Member

    Yes, I would also like to know when we can expect the update for retail versions. :)
  15. arnoud

    arnoud Junior Member

    No, the distributors wouldn't mind if you buy their box and use the key to install the downloaded version.

    Now they get complaints from people who have bought the software legit in a nice box and will buy the electronic version the next time... I know I will... And I even work for a local distributor :eek:
  16. danibo77

    danibo77 Bit poster

    I'm frustrated and sort of pissed..

    Bought the 1940 (or 70) one from apple norway, and downloaded the beta update which only worked with a trial key.
    When the GA was realeased recently, I tried activating it wih my serial..

    STILL GETTING THE: activation key cannot be used with the current version


    And support are quiet as only a stone can be... (3 months and counting...)

    I give up.

    Recommend all non-us mac'ers to download from a pirate site UNTIL parallels does something that makes sense!!

  17. pit29

    pit29 Bit poster

    Reading the last post in this forum, I think that I need to clarify something.

    When I started this thread, it was in no way meant to be aggressive or rude. Since most of the users who posted here are non-native speakers, it is possible that we dont't quite get the appropiate tone, but I originally intended to do two things:
    - ask other european users (or users who did not buy Parallels on-line) whether they managed to activate the latest build (after all, I could be doing something wrong), and
    - draw the attention to this problem.

    And the last thing is exactly what I think this is: a problem in an otherwise GREAT program. I am very very pleased with Parallels efforts and the product. No software is error-free, and no quality-control is perfect, and I feel that we need to allow for a couple of days (I know, impatient as we are) to get this fixed. But I thrust and cannot believe other than that this will be done by Parallels as soon as possible.

    It is totally indiscutable to follow the "recommendation" of the thread above. If you use a product (and software is a product), you have to own it legally. Nobody forced you to install beta builds. Sad that some users had to wait, but that's it: sad. Nothing more. Once again, I cannot believe that Parallels did this intentionally.

    I strongly distance myself from the language and conclusion of the last thread and hope that this will not spoil our efforts - to notify Parallels that there is a problem, and to politely ask them to fix it - in any way.

  18. eddyk

    eddyk Member

    "Sad that some users had to wait" This is not only sad, it is counterproductive. I own a 1970 version which works nicely BUT I will no more recommend others to buy Parallels for the present time untill this stupid way of product distribution is corrected. Sorry.
  19. weejames

    weejames Bit poster

    Im having the same problem with a copy of parallels bought here in the UK at the local Apple store. Because there was no "Watch out, this doesnt work outside the US" message like with the RC's i went ahead and installed the update. Unfortunatel now i cant access my copy of Parallels, and to add insult to injury.. its impossible to get a trial key at the moment :(
  20. maclover

    maclover Bit poster

    I bought the software from Italian AplleStore and got the UK version (so not localized at all).
    I can understand people having localized software to wait for a few days to get it, but why should I wait if I have the very same version US customers have?

    Moreover is not the key not working that make me nuts, but the total lack of support. I've sent at least 10 emails to support over the last 8 months and never got a single reply.
    The only mail I got from them is yesterday when I received an invitation to download the new version because, as a registered customer, I could get it for free.

    Don't send emails if the key won't work!

    Just my 2 cents

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