"New External Device Detected" Screen; Questions On

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by RobertR18, Jun 19, 2018.

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    Using Parallels with an iMac.

    When I plug in (via usb) a software defined radio, and for other gadgets also, a screen
    pops up with "New External Device Detected" when on the Windows side.

    a. Am I correct that this screen is being generated by Parallels ?
    Or, by Windows10, or the Mac ?

    b. Really annoying.

    I can slide/move the icon of the new device that was
    detected to under the Mac icon, or to under the Windows icon.

    Then, after waiting quite a while, usually, the screen goes away, and the device that
    I have just connected works. Sometimes, I can't get rid of it.

    Do I have to live with this screen ?

    Are my only options to just slide the device icon to underneath the
    Mac or Windows icon, and wait, wait,... ?

    c. And, there is an "ALT" button to, apparently select the device, or,...?
    Doesn't seem to do anything. What is it for, and how to utilize it ?

    Might someone walk me thru how to handle this, please. (and for the ALT button)

  2. Hi RobertR18. The dialogue box to select the OS and connect the USB is generated by Parallels Desktop for Mac. If you do not wish the dialogue box to appear everytime and wish to connect the USB either to macOS or the Windows virtual machine by default, please refer this article and choose the appropriate option so that the choice will be remembered and when you connect the same USB device next time, it will be connected to the selected OS by default. The steps provided in the article will work for Parallels Desktop 13 also.

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