New Mac Pro version of Parallels Desktop causing kernel panics

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by iPalindrome, Sep 7, 2006.

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    The end result is that I'm back on 1884, knowing that if I ever stop the VM, I get a KP.
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    I was able to finally get Xp SP2 installed on my Mac Pro 3GB ram, on both Raid striped disks and non raid Drive 1.

    I read all the posts and tried everything.

    First I had installed and activated the version purchased, which KP'ed everytime I activated a VM. Then I downloaded the RC candidate and got a bit further XP would start install and then KP at the reboot option.

    What worked:
    1) Using the RC build that I downloaded and upgraded over my disk copy.
    2) Put Mac Pro to Sleep for 30 seconds.
    3) Deleted all VM's that I tried earlier.
    4) Configured new VM, using typical then editing.
    5) Set to DIsk Optimization to Mac OS (KEPT IT AT MAC OS)
    6) Installed XP from an ISO.
    7) Ram at 512, was then able to tweak ram up to 684
    8) Turned Network off (Networkig not required) (After later reboots turned on, and then changed parms to jumbo/apply/standard/appl) to get network access see many other posts)
    9) Turned VT off, and set acceleration level to slowest(can be changed once install is complete)
    10) Configured NTFS (Quick)
    11) rebooted / turned network on/ installed XP updates.
    12) Installed Parallel tools

    runs fine.
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    kernel panoc / parallels

    hay all, just bought a Mac Pro, standard edition 2.66mhz.

    Had the same problem, the guys at parallels sent me this link /////
    Dear Rick,

    Thank you for contacting Parallels Support.

    Please, download and install build 1940 to get this problem resolved.
    The direct download link is

    Please, reboot your Mac after the installation.

    Kind regards,
    Ilya Kornev
    The Parallels Support Team

    this fixed the problem and its running fine.

    Note""' Inatalled XP SP2, and used a standard VM setup, did not cutom install, kept it simple, as all settings can be changed later.

    >>>>> A friend who bought the same MAC Pro as me (sister Mac) cant install XP SP 1. there may be a problem that was sorted out in SP2. ill look into this later in the week and will post results.

    if anyone needs more idea's contact me, im new to MAc but im learning fast.


    Hope this helps someone.:)

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