New Macbook Pro Oct 2008 & USB Not Working

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by essay182, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Dahu


    I resolved my problem by using a UBS HUB. When i branched my pocket pc on the HUB, the parallel VM reacted and present me the opportunity to install the "Windows Mobile-based Device".

    It works and i am very happy.

    I consider that the parall society wasn't abble to help me and it's a pitty.

    Thanks to all for your posts that gave me ideas ...

  2. talmy


    No fix after seven months?

    I just upgraded to a new MacBook and my USB serial port adapter stopped working. Same old story, and latest version 3 release. So it doesn't appear to be fixed. I'll probably try out Parallels 4 this summer since I doubt Parallels 3 will be supported under Snow Leopard this fall.

    Anyway, I solved the problem by actually improving my interoperability. I installed the USB serial port adapter driver under OS X,, configured Parallels adding a new serial port to connect to a socket, then running a program called SerialClient which is free from Now I can access the serial port from either OS X or Windows.
  3. PeterNSteinmetz


    Same issue with the Sony RM-AX4000 remote control. With PD3, latest build 5638.

    Placing the device beneath a hub fixes this. Curiously, if unplugged when not behind the hub and then plugged back in, two devices of that name appear in the Parallels pull-down, one of which works.

    Could this be an issue with power management?

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