New Macbook Pro Quad Sandy Bridge Processor and Parallels 6

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by RobinS, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. RobinS


    Hi all

    I've just upgraded to the new Macbook pro 17" with Sandy Bridge 2.3 Quad processor with 8gb ram from my core 2 duo 15".

    I am just enquiring what anyone recommends as the optimum settings with Windows 7 running within parallels desktop Build 6.0.11994

    Currently the mac is using 10.6.6 booting into 64-bit. Settings of the VM are below..

    CPU's 1 Virtual memory 2048 (Is the optimum?) ?
    Does Parallels perform better under 32-bit?

    Thanks all
  2. cpatch


    I have the new 17" also and have Windows 7 64-bit installed in a Boot Camp partition. When using it with Parallels, so far it seems that 2 GB RAM, 2 processors, and disabling the hyper-whatever setting gives the best results. The biggest issue so far is that Parallels Tools hasn't been updated for the new graphics cards and therefore Aero isn't working.
  3. vhpaez

    vhpaez Bit Poster

    I have the new macbook pro (Sandy Bridge) i7 2.3 Radeon 6750M. My aero works without incident. I have 1 core and 1.5 GB ram setup up and this thing flies!
  4. cpatch


    I tried reinstalling Parallels Tools and still no Aero. In fact, the Windows Experience Rating for graphics is a pathetic 2.0 (but a 5.8 for gaming graphics, interestingly enough). Are you running from a Boot Camp volume?
  5. RobinS


    No boot camp partition. parallels is installed natively on top of OSx
  6. Bergui


    How many licenses for Win7 Pro?

    When using your Bootcamp partition thru //desktop 6 are you also prompted to provide another license Key for Win 7 Pro, considering there is quite a new hardware?
  7. PierreD


    HI everibody ,
    I have also recently acquired a Mac book pro sandy 15" I7 Quad core 750 G hard disk , 2G2 processor speed and a licence of parallel and Window 7 pro 32bit
    this is intented to run PC based software for electronics (Multisim)on a 27" Dell screen (same screen as Apple Cinema view, but with more connections possibilities and mat instead of brillant ) and I do not be sure the best way to do it !!

    I do not if the topic is the right one , I am new into this forum, so please excuse me if it is not the right place and redirect me

    Does my approach make sense
    I will work in TRIPLE BOOT :
    one for the main partition 10.6.6 450G
    separate partition with 10.6.6 for emergency system and data
    one for Bootcamp and Window 7

    I would use PARALLEL for quick access and bootcamp for eavy processing when needed

    so question are : 1° does it best to use the Bootcamp partition as PARALLEL virtual system
    or does I need to make two different approach

    2° how to rum Parallel 6 on a triple boot ( and if Bootcamp used For Parallel , how to rename the partition access either in PARALLEL and in Bootcamp
    as I have been on the web searching for the way to do it , but it seems tricky as Bootcamp need to be disk nr 3 while the last one too !!) all the forum based answer I have seen are quite old one , maybe new material and new Parallel 6 may do the job easier now ?

    3° either the Windows and the Multisim program are official software with key dedicated to the specific machine
    as I intent to use both Parallel and Bootcamp ( and indead neither two at the same time !!) how to proceed as I have only one licence of each , while running on the same machine it may request me a licence for both (what is crazy as the same machine !!) so it is why I intent to use the bootcamp partition for Parallel too
    but any other approach will be welcome !!

    4° I would share my documents from MAC to Win session (fat 32 being write and read , but limited to 32 G)
    while HTFS go upper but could not be direct access what bet and if fat 32 best , is 32G enough for my purpose ?

    5° does either Parallel and Bootcamp support efficiently such high definition screen 27" 2540 x 1440 tpi at full resolution

    6° does 2G or 4G Ram (within 8G ) the right choice for Parallel and how many processor to be selected in my case , which best ?
    7° Should I need to exclude the Parallel ( & or Bootcamp ) partition from time machine to avoïd huge amount of disk space any time I go into the window partition ( as I have seen on some topics) if exclusion is needed , what best way to safegard the Window partitions

    8° at some occasion i may have to use some XP program running on XP , does it make sense to use an external USB2 drive for running occasionnaly XP into Parallel?

    As for now I have still a fresh system and already made a double partition OSX + OSX , not yet bootcamp
    if I have to reformat the dish better to do it now than later

    Should somebody be kind enough to answer my questions
    thanks in advance


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