New version of Parallels Toolbox is unreadable

Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Mac' started by PetrH2, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. PetrH2

    PetrH2 Junior Member

    The latest update introduced dark background which makes the UI unreadable. See attached screenshot.

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  2. sergk

    sergk Parallels Developers

    we're working on fixing this issue. Thanks for informing us.
    You can temporarily turn off some visual effects in macOS (open System Preferences -> Accessibility --> Display --> Reduce transparency) or wait till our fix.
  3. sergk

    sergk Parallels Developers

    Hello again,

    we have prepared fix for this issue:
    1) Revert "Reduce transparency" system preference to original value (if you had changed it to workaround the issue). Look my previous post how to find this option.
    2) Update Toolbox to the latest version (2.5.1): open Toolbox --> 'Gear' button --> Check for Updates... and install the new version of Toolbox.

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