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  1. Tom Frederick

    Tom Frederick

    I have recently purchased my first Mac "MacBook Pro" and the first install of Parallels did not go well and ended up with a Windows error where I could not start Windows XP and Office 2007, which has already been loaded on Boot Camp.

    I ended up with reinstall of the Mac OS to give it one more try. I have completely reinstalled everything including Windows XP and Office 2007 and migrated all my documents and needed programs and connections to the corporate office.

    I have a couple of questions before I give this another go...
    Is there a mandatory format for the windows operating system? The reason for asking is when I called Apple Support they said Windows needed to be installed at Fat 32. We attempted the install and Fat 32 while displayed as a choice could not be recognized and NTSB was the only installable format.

    The next question is since boot camp is already installed sure there issues with adding Parallels after. I have tried to look at some of the posts and can't quite figure out what to do?

    BTW, I am not a techie, so please be gentle with me (ha-ha)

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