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Discussion in 'Parallels Transporter' started by clipper666, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. clipper666


    Hello all,

    I'm finally getting my new imac and leaving PC land, but i still need some applications from my old PC. Thinking of getting parallels but need to clear up a couple of things first.

    I have three harddrives running on my PC, i only want to migrate my C drive (windows XP and important applications on the drive) is that possible or does everything on the other drives get migrated?

    My C drive is approx 65GB, do i have to create a 65GB VM on my old pc first? in which case can it be placed on one of my other drives?

    Lastly, anybody had any experience of running Microsoft FLightsimulator using parallels?

    Many thanks for any help on the above.
  2. clipper666


    Anybody outhere got any answers?
  3. John@Parallels


    Using Parallels Transporter you can migrate only C: drive and you do not need to create anything specially, Parallels Transporter will do this.
    Please refer to Parallels Transporter guide on page 32

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