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  1. Hi guys

    I just bought a Galaxy NOTE and i saw a video of this guy using 2xclient for android and i though its amazing. And i'm really going crazy trying to make this work.


    I have no idea how to configure either my PC or my router to do so. Is there any way you guys could do a step by step guide for those of us who don't really know what and how to do it? The whole deal with forward protocol and bla bla bla ect. is a first for me and i guess for a lot of android users. Sorry for the ignorance

    I have a standard PC with windows 7 and a stock D-link router (di-524). Obviously getting into details with the router settings is too much but i guess the windows settings must be the same for all windows, and i guess the router should have the same options as any other router. BTW my wireless router is connected to my modem and the PC i want to remote control is connected directly to that router.

    If you could help us newbies on this one, that would be awesome.

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    router configuration varies based on model, so giving a step by step process might be a bit difficult.

    Hopefully this should do the trick for you: ... esktop.htm

    Basically what should happen here is that a connection to your public IP over port 3389 will be directed to your Windows 7 PC automatically.

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