NFS Issues with Parallels 9

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by WiseHacker, Jun 21, 2014.

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    Hopefully someone can point out what I have missed here.

    To save on some space, I have tried repeatedly to host Parallels VMs on a network share. Specifically via NFS on a PC-BSD 10 system.

    My first attempt failed where the whole VM was copied to the share (hard drives, meta files, etc) with Parallels reporting permission errors. Despite the fact that I was able to mount the share and modify and create files by hand without issue. This proves my user ID mapping (what NFS uses to authenticate users) is in order.

    My latest attempt is simply to host just the hard drive on NFS share and keep the other files (RAM file, etc) on the host machine. The VM starts to boot then after a while I get a Finder error saying my NFS connection was interrupted.

    This is frustrating as no other program experiences issues: it seems to be only Parallels.

    Is there something else I need to or a setting I need to have in place? I'm starting to think Parallels only works on exceptional cases as I have had virtually no success.

    The guest OS happens to be Windows 8.1 if that helps.

    My thanks in advance to anyone who can shed light on this situation.

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