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    Hello, basically I'm trying to run the microsoft 2020 flight sim on a macbook pro. My wife bought me the sim for my birthday in April and I've been trying to get it working ever since.
    1st hurdle with my 2019 MBP was it didn't have the graphics and was getting too hot on the old FSX sim... A friend suggested an eGPU.
    So I bought a Razor core X eGPU and a AMD GPU.
    2nd hurdle was there wasn't enough SSD capacity for the mighty 150GB the sim requires to install.
    3rd hurdle, I couldn't get my eGPU to work in bootcamp.
    So I bought an M1 MPB with 1TB/ 16gb.
    4th hurdle, no more bootcamp!
    So then i found Parallels - seems better than bootcamp but...
    Meanwhile I bought Windows 10 Home...
    5th hurdle, I can't figure out how to enter the windows product key.


    Please help, my hair's falling out.
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    Parallels only works with the ARM version of Windows 10, not the other Intel-based versions.
    You have to join the Windows Insider program and download the ARM specific version of Windows to get a successful install. You can then use the same License Key that you bought for Windows Home to activate Windows 10 for ARM.

    Go to register if you're not already registered. Then download Windows here: and create a new VM.
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  3. MichaelH63

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    Unfortunately not, it needs to be a Pro key. (Unless something changed recently.) Fortunately activation isn't necessary.
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  4. JohnS96

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    Yes. That fits! I just didn't want to buy a Parallels subscription before knowing I could get windows to work fully.
    Now I'm stuck with a Windows Home key I no longer need.
    Why don't Parallels say this?
  5. JohnS96

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    Nightmare continued...
    So I've now bought Parallels and I've bought Windows 10 Pro.
    Still can't download MSFS2020 from MS or Xbox. Says problem their end.
    Couldn't contact; request call back from MS; says problem their end.
    Tip from a friend: disagree with a payment, that worked, we managed to get a human on the phone!
    MS spent 2 hours last night going through my machine. Still no fix.
    He concluded, the problem is with Parallels and or the windows insider program Win 10 for ARM. He attempted to leave the insider program and install a fresh Win 10 and it said Win10 can't be installed on this PC.

    So this game, my wife has bought me, is the most expensive gift ever. In terms of value for money, I've not even seen its splash screen!
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    Well that's interesting. However, it is running FSX simulator/ GeoFS simulator and it's currently downloaded 55GB of Forza motorsport 7.
    I can confirm they run much better than on my '19 MBP.
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    Hi, could you collect the tech report once the issue reproduced please?

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