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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by skwog, Sep 13, 2020.

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    How to enable Bluetooth for Windows Guest OS?

    MacBook Pro 2019 with Bluetooth has no mention of Bluetooth shown in Parallels Control Center Options, so no Bluetooth in Windows Guest OS.

    "Hardware > USB" is shown but "Hardware > USB & Bluetooth" is NOT SHOWN. Also there is no Bluetooth icon or option shown in Windows Action Center (even after clicking Expand).

    Parallels Dekstop for Mac
    App Store Edition
    Version 1.5.0 (20116)

    macOS Catalina up to date.
  2. Hello, Parallels Desktop for Mac App Store Edition doesn't have an option to share Bluetooth devices with Windows
    Please check this KB article for more information.
  3. Hello, did the article help you?
  4. MichaelM136

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    I struggled for hours before stumbling across the solution. go the parallels desktop mini icon in the top bar of your Mac and click configure, then click on the lock to unlock and click "+" and select "usb & bluetooth" then click lock again and everything will start again.
  5. BrianP17

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    This solution saved me. Thank you!!!

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