"No boot device is available" during Windows 7 Install

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by NickW4, Jan 3, 2017.

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    I recently purchased a new Mac Pro (running Sierra 10.12.2). I've installed Parallels 12 successfully, but am running into a problem as I try to create a virtual machine running Windows 7. Each time I try to install, I get through the configuration process and then receive a "No boot device is available, press Enter to continue" message. I found a thread on here that talks about this error when using a previously-working virtual machine, but it does not seem to apply to the error occurring during installation.

    If it helps to know, I am trying to install from a disc image (created from Windows install DVD).

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Guna@Parallels

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    Hi @NickW4
    When you switch to manual mode and choose the source for Windows installation as outlined in this article, was it successful in detecting the installation image?
    If it is not, please download Windows 7 installation image and try the installation.

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