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    I'm using Parallels Desktop version 3128 or whatever the latest version 2 is. Coherence Mode wasn't working in Windows XP Pro, so I decided to reinstall Parallel tools. During the installation the VM hung or glitched and now I don't have a cursor or any keyboard input in Windows XP.

    I have a cursor in OSX, but whenever I click into the WinXP VM there is no cursor at all. I rebooted in Safe mode, but still no cursor or key input. I can start Parallel Tools in the Parallels menu, but when the Install dialog box pops up, I can't click the Next button without the cursor and click. There isn't any key input in WinXP at all. Even Send Keys in Parallels doesn't work. I know the cursor isn't invisible since because I've never seen any action at all. It's like a darn Catch 22 situation. No cursor click without Parallel Tools install. No Parallel Tools install without a cursor click.

    So where does the problem lie? Missing or damaged input drivers in the WinXP VM or somewhere else? Is there a way I might be able to repair the WinXP VM using an install disk or does the problem lie elsewhere. I'm asking because I'd like to know if anyone else has had this problem. If I were to acquire a third-party Windows Disk Repair CD, could that be used to try to repair the VM? Is there a way I can do a Windows Restore to get to an earlier Restore point?

    I'd be grateful for some help or otherwise I'll have to rebuild the VM from scratch. I'm no Windows expert so I might be missing a way to fix it.

    I'm using a MacBook Pro and 10.4.9.

    (I found the reason why Coherence Mode wasn't working. Kaspersky Anti-Virus thought the Coherence loaders were some sort of Invader virus and kept flagging them. If I had figured this out sooner, I wouldn't have screwed up my VM by reinstalling the Parallel Tools. Darn!)
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