No discussion of the new beta today?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by hhwong, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. hhwong


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  5. luomat

    luomat Kilo Poster

    Thanks for the reminder, I would have forgotten to do that (update tools).

    I'm still not seeing how to turn off the disk cache for OS X. And what are the risks for doing so (if there are any)?

    I was hoping the "USB Improvements" were going to be "USB 2 speeds" as my main function is syncing my Treo to XP :-/
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  7. rjtolman


    Installed Beta; feedback

    Installed new beta over RC. No issues installing or starting.

    Plugged in Hp Color LaserJet 3600N. Found the printer.
    Asked for "DOT 4 printing... should have copied down exactly.
    Asked to install "IEEE 1284.4 generic print... should have copied this down too.

    Was told new hardware installled and ready for use.
    Opened work 2003 and printed a one page test doc. No problems.
    Opened IE; tried to print CNN Home page. Crashed WiN XP Pro; cause it to restart. Tried to print Test page for printer. Crashed again, and restarted again. Printer getting errors. Need to restart printer.

    Restarted XP and Printer and All seems to be well. I also, installed the printer using the IP address. It prints well that way.

    CNN's home page printed usb and by IP.

    Will continue to test this network
  8. MatthewR


    Back when Parallels was in beta, each release was announced in the forum with a list of changes. I think a lot of us ignore the main page, expecting it to be behind th forums. Thank you for picking up Parallels' slack.

    Anyone else think we have this beta just to distract from the VMWare announcement?
  9. ccparallels


    On the off chance that installing the beta breaks something that was already working, can somebody offer a procedure for uninstalling just the beta? Or in that case will it mean reinstalling the original parallels atop the beta, or deleting Parallels altogether and reinstalling? And I guess it makes sense to make copies of the .hdd and .cvs before installing?
  10. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster

    I cannot install Parallels Tools in beta.

    It throws up a warning about being logged in and then does nothing.

    If I go to the menu then I can cancel the update/install any ideas?

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  13. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster

    I am running XP Pro which is booted up and I am logged and and even browsing the internet.

  14. Robster

    Robster Kilo Poster

    Okay still cannot update my Parallels additions BUT I did succesfully syncronise my WM5 i-mate K-JAM (Wizard) without setting it to USB connection.

    This is a MAJOR breakthrough in my humble opinion.

    Well done Parallels.

  15. blshaw45

    blshaw45 Bit Poster

    Garmin Quest still not recognized

    I downloaded and installed the Update w/o problem, but - woe is me - my Garmin Quest GPS receiver is still not recognized.
  16. majortom


    Just installed.
    - Needed to reboot OS X for having BT/EDGE DialUp Connection -> EN2 working as before.
    - boot time is shorter
    - graphics benchmark are just 10-20% faster despite moving filled windows is much smoother. This before and after re-installing Peallels Tools and the video driver version is still I believe this depends directly from PDM's engine
    - Shared Folder GREATLY faster
    - can't tell about USB devices because I don't have them with me. Before this update I needed to unplug and replug the USB's Hub into the Mac while PDM running in order to print. I'll check this issue later.
    Conclusions: nice improvements, especially on Shared Folders.
    MB 2.0 - 2 Gbyte RAM - PDM Cache Optimezed for VM (not OS X, then) - WIn XP SP2 w/384 MBytes RAM - NTFS File System
  17. ChrisF


    Nor is the Garmin GPSmap 60c.
  18. juggledad


    Well I just tried Songbeamer to see if dual monitor support was added, but no luck, we still have only one monitor in parallels
  19. jondi


    paralells tools install fails

    I get
    Fatal Error
    Error occurred when working with registry
    The installation wilol be stopped

    Error code -2147024894
    message text: the system cannot find the file specified
  20. whayes75


    Slight Hesitation when switching desktops with virtueDesktops

    I'm experiencing a slight hesitation/stutter when switching between desktops using VirtueDesktop. To recreate it do the following:

    make sure you have 4 desktops.
    after the vm is running switch to a mac desktop
    switch between just this desktop and other mac desktops. It is very smooth
    now switch to the parallels desktop. It stutters for me.

    Using "Slide Desktop" for my transistion animation
    Macbook 2.0Ghz 2.0 G of RAM


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