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Discussion in 'Linux Guest OS Discussion' started by oswaler, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. oswaler


    I am using build 4128 (version 3) on a 24" IMac. I have a Win XP VM working great, so I know parallels is installed and working on my computer.

    I am VERY new to Linux. I have some background in unix commands. I have tried to run Fedora 7 server and Ubuntu as VMs. No joy.

    They both seem to install without error. When I try to boot Fedora 7, it gets to a few lines that say that there was a synch error, and then there seemed to be some problem with the clock. It hangs there. When I boot Ubuntu, I don't get any error. It gets to a line that says "Starting up", and then the VM just quits and flips back to the Parallels screen showing that the VM is stopped.

    I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?
    Thanks - Eric
  2. itsdapead


    Don't know if its a factor, but I always use the "alternate" install CD for Ubuntu rather than the live CD - this was based on some bad experiences a few versions back. Its less glossy, but it gets the job done and there's less to go wrong.

    Had no huge problems installing Ubuntu Feisty on Parallels 3 except (a) the startup/shutdow splash screens don't show (well known issue) and (b) and some glitches installing the parallels tools afterwards - you need to unmount the Ubuntu CD first and the "generic" instructions for installing the Parallels tools are unhelpful for Ubuntu (you need to substitute "sudo -s" for "su").
  3. AlanH

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    I had a problem starting up a Centos 4 installation. It stuck at starting kernel. I had to break into the boot sequence (hit any key does it during the boot count-down), and choose the non-SMP kernel. I guess there's a boot setting that I could modify to make it do this by default in future, but currently I still have to do this if I reboot the VM.

    Fedora and Centos are both derived from Red Hat, I believe. I don't know whether this will help with either of your problems ...

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