No printers Windows10 build 21359

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by StefanoB5, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. KennethR4

    KennethR4 Bit poster

    Guess I need to wait till it hits my machine. I just checked for updates and it's showing that I'm on the latest with the 21364.
  2. Nosix

    Nosix Member

    Yes, printers are fixed in this build. Go ahead and try it.
  3. ZoltanM

    ZoltanM Bit poster

    21370 build fixes the printer bug PARTIALLY. I am still not able to use HP network printers at all. Still trying workarounds.
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  4. StefanoB5

    StefanoB5 Bit poster

    Now, after installing 21370 build, I can print. But the "Virtual Pinter (Print to PDF (Mac Desktop)) stil not work. I see it as a "non specific device" and not as a printer.

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  5. RayW5

    RayW5 Bit poster

    I'm now able to print to my shared Lexmark printer with the latest Windows 10 for ARM Build 21370
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  6. NathanM8

    NathanM8 Bit poster

    Yep. This fixed my issue as well.
    Which is handy because Parallels support was non existent. Chat kept on saying it would put me through to the next consultant (I gave up). Then I emailed and received no reply. First time I've attempted to contact Parallels support. Is this the usual experience?
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  7. stufried

    stufried Junior Member

    By way of clarification, does this mean that I can share a printer which is configured on a native Intel Windows box?
  8. SamS4

    SamS4 Hunter

    Hi! I'm now on Build 21382.co_release.210511-1416, and while my HP printer that is on my Mac now shows up as a printer in the Windows 10 environment, any printing results in an error. The printout is in the printer queue, but the error is still present. Can you provide any guidance as to what Ports your printer is using? Perhaps my configuration is wrong.
  9. WillH7

    WillH7 Junior Member

    Any update on this? My MAC shared printers still do not show up in Windows 10 ARM. They're listed in devices, but not printers.

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