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    I'm running a virtual machine on my Mac Book Pro. The virtual machine is a Winows Vista boot camp partition. Everything works fine, except the sound. I've installed Parallels tools, but still nothing. On my virtual machine it says that no sound driver has been installed. When I go to my control panel it also shows that there is no sound driver installed.

    One last thing... Will parallels support the audio output (headphone jack) on my macbook pro? I want to listen to music from my virtual machine and I have speakers plugged into the audio output jack.
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  2. Ynot

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    Please, check that you have sound enabled in your VM configuration. If you have sound enabled there, check do you have the sound device in the Vista's device manager.

    Parallels should support any sound output, that is able to be used from Mac side.
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    The sound is enabled in the virtual machine configuration. When I go to Vista's device manager the description under device status is...

    "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)"

    I've tried Vista's "check for solutions" button, but nothing was found. The description it gave me was

    "Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 39."

    I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling parallels tools... still no sound.

    P.S. the sound works fine when I load into boot camp. It just doesn't work when I use boot camp with parallels
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    Exact same problem

    Hi Parallels Team,

    I have the exact same problem (so we know its not just an isolated incident)

    I have everything enabled for Audio through paralells but Windows Vista says that there is no sound device. Parallels tools is installed and the version is the most recent 4560.

    MacBook (BLACK) 2.0Ghz 2GB RAM running OSX 10.4.10 all updated



    Please Help!
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  5. jat3rd

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    I am running Parallels 3.0, build 4560.0 and Windows XP Home Edition on a Macbook Pro. No sound at all, but everything is fine on the Mac side?? Any suggestions??
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    No sound XP on PD 3

    I am having the same problem. Tools installed, XP running 3.0 build 5160. sound works fine on Mac side. Windows XP "Sounds and Audio Devices" says "No Audio Device"
  7. johnv

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    Please install / upgrade / reinstall Parallels Tools. Choose the "Install Parallels Tools" option under the "Actions" menu. If no joy try to point to the device driver manually in the Device Manager.

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  8. sparky555

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    Reinstall windows driver

    Have had the "no audio device" problem with XP on 3.0 build 5160 on MBP (Tiger and then Leopard). Just fixed it following johnv advice. Went in control panel -> Sound & Audio Devices. Clicked on the hardware tab and located "Intel(R) 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller. Clicked on Properties. Clicked the Driver tab. Clicked Update Driver. Checked "Install from a list of specified location" and clicked Next. Checked "Don't search. I will choose". Clicked Next. Selected driver from list and clicked Next. Now when I go to the sound properties I have "Intel(r) Integrated Audio" showing as installed and I get sound!
    Hope that helps.

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