No start menu or desktop Icons after upgrading IE

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by orlandomacguy, Jul 1, 2008.

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    Has anyone considered the possibility that Windows thinks he has two monitors in "extend my desktop" mode and it thinks the default one is the second monitor? This used to happen with some Dell laptops I used to have to deal with. It was infuriating.

    I think there is a function key to toggle from "extended" to "mirrored" mode, and I think it's F7. It wouldn't hurt to try it. Remember that you need to hold down the "fn" key to make the function keys act as function keys, unless you've changed your keyboard settings.
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    Parallels Desktop Vms cannot recognize 2 monitors, as there is Videocard emulation with only one out interface
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    Just ran into this problem

    I just ran into this problem this morning. I'm running Windows XP on Parallels 4 (current build). The vm boots like normal and logs in like normal, even plays the Windows login jingle, displays my wallpaper and shows the Office Scan real-time virus scan update, but then goes unresponsive. The taskbar and Start menu never appear and neither do my desktop icons.

    I can hit ctrl+alt+del but the only button that works is the Log Off option. I have tried logging on as a domain administrator and as a local administrator and I get the same treatment either way.

    I only have 1 monitor and there have been no resolution issues.

    I have switched between coherence, modality, full screen and window and nothing changes.

    In the Applications menu, the Start Menu option does nothing and the rest of the options (Hide Taskbar, Show Desktop, Empty Recycle Bin, Show Recycle Bin) are grayed out.

    If I press keyboard shortcuts I can hear system sounds, but nothing happens, for instance, if I hit Windows then U, Enter, R, Enter that should normally restart the machine, but nothing happens.

    Any ideas?
  4. Ahren

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    windows virus

    This problem appears to be Windows specific. Parallels is running fine. Apparently a virus ate my explorer.exe. I re-installed Windows and I'm back up and running.

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