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    Hi! I cannot play my favourite game any more. I always played nostale via Gameforge client but i cannot anymore and I do not know why.

    In the past months I played with default settings (i had to open the game via OpenGL). The game had a lot of graphical bugs but i didn't care. Now event OpenGL will not work and I do not have an explanation for it. I tried installing Parallels again and I tried installing both the game and the launcher again. I tried to change the settings of the game and even the settings of the VM (up to 6 CPUs 4RAM).

    Whenever I try to log in the game starts correctly (the pointer changes its shape into the game's one) and the music starts playing BUT the screen is 100% black and I am therefore stuck. I did not find a solution both in this forum and in the game's one. Any idea why this is happening?

    Thank you!

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