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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Rainer2, Apr 14, 2023.

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    last time I wanted to start my Win10-VM I got this error (There is not enough disk space to start the VM - its necessary to free up storage space):


    I'm using a 121 GB SSD on my Mac and Parallels VM needs 74 GB:


    If I go to the VM settings I'll get this here:


    I do not understand:

    1. Total Size should be 74 GB ....but it is indicated 148,56 GB (My SSD has only 128 GB Disk Space ??)
    2. Disks (= Festplatten) with 74,28 Gb is ok ....but what about "Other" (= Sonstiges) with 74,28 GB ??? There are NO snapshots ....!!!

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    Keep in mind that both the Guest and Host OS have their own temporary files in use that expand and contract during operation. It might be best to see if you can shrink the VM in any way once you Do have enough Host OS space freed up. Any user files may be best kept on an external drive or cloud drive since your Host is limited to 128 Gb (very small for modern times). You Might be able to try launching the VM from an external drive, but I've read that performance and stability may be an issue (definitely slower).
  3. Rainer2

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    The Guest-VM (Win 10) needs about 50 GB maybe with temporary files (+ 20 Gb) the 74,28 GB indicated with "disk" is right. So the SSD with 128 GB should be good.

    However the total size has two identical parts: 74,28 GB for disks and 74,28 GB for "others"....I can't believe that that 74,28 Gb ("other") are temporary files...
    ...and if yes: there should be a way to delete them? where are these files...?

    I'm running several macs with parallels desktop and nearby identical configuration (all with 128 GB SSDs)....and there the diskp-part is about 75 GB....and the rest ist free disk as it should be

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