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Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox Feature Suggestions' started by helixloop, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. helixloop

    helixloop Bit Poster

    Drop an image in, and have the tool translate it to text.
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  2. Maria@Parallels

    Maria@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hi, could you please provide us with the detailed description of this request? Maybe step-by-step instruction how would you like to use this feature.
  3. helixloop

    helixloop Bit Poster

    one drops a text containing image file on the tool, and out comes a text file
  4. DaveN3

    DaveN3 Bit Poster

    Would be great if the Parallels Toolbox included a tool that would enable my MacBook's iSight camera to function as a bar code scanner.
    Desired features/behavior:
    1. Ability to click and scan one code at a time, or activate a continuous capture mode, where each time a bar code is found in the camera's view, it is captured and decoded.
    2. Ability to capture bar code data directly to the clipboard, where it is ready to paste into an application
    3. Ability to review capture history (scan 50 codes and then scroll through the data, where I can selectively copy/paste, export to CSV, etc.)
    4. Ability to activate an auto-paste mode as an option to continuous capture mode, where I can position the cursor in a text field in an application (like a web browser or spreadsheet), present a bar code to the camera, and it automatically captures, decodes, and enters the data for me at the cursor position
    5. Ability to identify/decode multiple bar codes in the same image.
    6. Ability to perform basic parsing of data after capture and before output, e.g. adding prefix/suffix, find/replace characters, padding, truncating
    7. Ability to ignore scans based on bar code format and/or decoded data (e.g. image contains 4 codes, only decode the code in Code 128 format)
    8. Ability to beep on scan/decode/success/failure
    9. Ability to decode multiple 1D and 2D formats, e.g. Code 39, Code 129, UPC, PDF, QR, DataMatrix, etc.
    10. Ability to work from within Mac or VM environment
    11. Ability to trigger AppleScript and/or Automator with bar code data as input parameter(s), enabling integration with other apps
  5. ErcanO

    ErcanO Bit Poster

    screenshot reader
    screen capturing area can be save to text, to pdf, like ocr tools.

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