ODBC and Parallels (latest version - Intel Mac)

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    Recently (within the last 2-3 months) started having an issue with our ERP software which uses ODBC as it's data source connection. It will randomly drop the connection and require a reconnect. This worked for about 2 years and the software company says they didn't change anything. It was running Parallels 15 then was updated to Parallels 16 maybe in December, can't remember (which I think is when the issue started happening). The SQL 2012 database resides on the same network as the affected Mac. All of the native Windows computers work fine with the ODBC driver. This one when running data intense commands loses connection and we have to reconnect to the database. During this time, not ping lose by IP or name happen nor do we lose any other internet/network connectivity. We are running ODBC for SQL 17 driver (March revision) and the latest Windows 10 20H1. We also have the network for Parallels using the default adapter vs shared so that it gains an IP on the same network as the other computers/servers. Is there something with the latest version of Parallels that has an issue with ODBC and the network or anyone having a similar weirdness. Is there a way to downgrade back to 15 to see if the issue resolves itself?

    For anyone offering advice, please not I've already checked Wired/Wireless, different network adapters and settings Mac virtualization vs Parallels, Belkin hub or the Belkin USB-C to Network adapter which Apple promotes. I've moved the computer to different ports on the switch and different offices. It does not seem to matter and the issue has been isolated to his machine.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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