Office 2007 on XP - nothing but headaches

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by spike13, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. spike13

    spike13 Junior Member

    I have parallels installed only so I can run outlook 2007. It seems to work ok for awhile and then stop working. The latest version of this problem is that it says it's connected but does not update the folders with current email. The only solution I've found is to create a new image.

    Anyone else having problems running office 2007 in parallels?
  2. spike13

    spike13 Junior Member

    The first time this happened Windows Search just up and stopped working one day and my custom macros stopped working. The solution was to create a new VM image.
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  3. biglar

    biglar Pro

    Office 2007 on XP

    I have uploaded Office 2007 on XP and it has worked well from the start (four months with no problems). Also works ok on Version 3 of Parallels.

    Only glitch in office: When I exit Microsoft Powerpoint, I always get the Windows message that Powerpoint unexpectedly closed. However, everything starts again ok???:confused:
  4. nycruza

    nycruza Hunter

    Only time I have a problem is IF I forget to exit OSX mail.


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