Office Communicator still doesn't work

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by finocchi, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Noone seems to have answered mrogers question back in February about Office Communicator under Parallels. I now have several issues with this software:

    1/ as reported by mrogers, folks can hear me but I can't hear them - at all
    The side issue for which Parallels Support has been useless up to this point, is that the sound driver gets disabled at each reboot and I need to reinstall the Intel AC' 97 driver to get sound back. I tried the RealTek AC'97 4.0 driver as well and same problems.

    2/ application sharing gives an error about being behind a NAT
    For the second, I believe I read something in another thread that LiveMeeting or NetMeeting AppSharing was supposedly fixed at one point but here I am at the latest build 4560 and still no dice.
    Anyone else hit these issues? It is almost making me regret my choice over to Mac because my company relies on this tool as THE IM for all inter-company comms and if I can't get it to work...

    Hopefully someone else has hit one of these two speedbumps...

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