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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by David Ramsey, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. David Ramsey

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    In searching this forum I noticed that back on Parallels 3 a user asked whether Parallels could be used on a desktop and laptop in a single home by a single user. (Parallels to be used on only one computer at a time). The answer was that while it was legal to do so, there was no way, at that time, to go through the registration process with one activation key. Is that still the case or has that been fixed? I have the same situation.
  2. I-che

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    David, one license is considered for one isntallation of Parallels Desktop. Using Parallels Desktop 5 on laptop and desktop requires 2 licenses.
  3. Silversorcerer

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    laptop/desktop license?

    Because of initial installation difficulties (not of PD5, but of the XPpro VM), I tried PD5 on my Macbook as well as my iMac and used the same serial and activation for both, not knowing if I was going to get an actual working VM up on either machine. I had first success on the Macbook after altering the default RAM settings and virtually disconnecting the network card connection during install. Then the same solutions worked on the iMac, where I actually wanted the XPpro VM. But now I'm kind of liking it on both machines. Is there a license upgrade to laptop/desktop available? Otherwise I guess I can take it off the Macbook. It's a bit slower there due to less resources, but interesting to show to other Macbook users when I'm out and about.

    Virtual world;- one machine, one license. Real world situation;- my unlicensed second machine use is currently promoting the PD5 software.
  4. technicallyhesright

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    One at a time?

    Silversorcerer: Quick question, are you able to use one at a time without further activation? I'm interested in the same, since I am one person and will only use one at a time, but have two computers. What happens if you open PD5 on both computers?

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