Open Control Center when Parallels Icon is clicked in dock

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by MichaelG24, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. MichaelG24

    MichaelG24 Bit Poster

    Some versions ago Parallels opened - as expected - the control center, when the Parallels icon was clicked. The current versions doesn't. I first thought it was an annoying bug to be resolved, but it stayed. Now you have to right click on the icon and do a second click on control center to see it. I don't see any advantage of removing this former intuitive behavior ...
    Expected: Click on Parallels icon opens VM overview.
  2. BillE3


    Totally agree. There's already ANOTHER icon for Windows or Linux, and I can click on that when I want the virtual machine. But when I want the control center, and click on the control center, I expect the control center to open. Current behaviour is simply broken and wrong.
  3. BenjaminD4

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    Completely agree! I don't understand why the dock icon for Parallels would even be there. It doesn't do anything. And yet the thing that we need to do (that I'd expect would happen) is to show the Control Center.

    Maybe this could be added as an option to Parallels?
  4. Swerdna

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    Chiming in, in the hope someone is listening. Definitely a step back...
  5. AlexanderM6

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    Totally agree. As "option" will be very helpful.

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