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    What version(s) of guest OSs will have the developer tool called "Open the list of All Tasks"?
    What exactly does this do? What is its functionality? I ask because I have 3 different VMs, 1 running Windows 10, 1 running Windows Server 2012R2, and 1 running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, and none of the three shows this option. Anyone knows? Thanks much. Raphael

    Details below:

    When configuring a VM, if I click on Options, and select the checkbox "Show developer tools", when I click on menu "Development", I do not see "Open a list of All Tasks". If you click on the question mark on the configuration page (help), you get the following:

    "Show developer tools (available in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro and Business Editions only)
    Parallels Desktop has several useful features for software developers. Select this option to display the Develop menu in the macOS menu bar. From this menu, you can:
    • Start an SSH session;
    • Open the virtual machine IP address in the macOS default web browser;
    • Start a debugging session;
    • Generate the virtual machine memory dump;
    Next points are available only for Windows virtual machines (some of the point (sic) may not be shown - this depends on the version of Windows):
    • Open the list of All Tasks (aka "God Mode");
    • Start Steps Recorder;
    • Open Registry Editor;
    • Open Command Prompt; and
    • Open the Run window."
    I do understand, and I have read the sentence "some of the point (sic) may not be shown - this depends on the version of Windows". But again, which guest OSs would have this option? And what would it do? Tks once more. Raphael

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