OpenGL 3 Support (list of app titles)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac Feature Suggestions' started by Docent, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Docent

    Docent Bit Poster

    from Moderator:
    List of applications requested (March 15th, 2017):
    • DIALux EVO 7 (supported in 13.0.0)
    • Corpus 4 CAD
    • PaletteCAD
    • arivis Vision4D
    • SketchUp Pro 2017
    • OriginLab, scientific plotting application
    • Pythagoras
    • CTvox by Brucker
    • VTK system based apps
    • On1PhotoRAW2018
    • MegaCAD 3D 2018


    I totally don't know why this is not at first point.
    Me personally wait for it LONG LONG LONG Time , you are building this several YEARS.

    As I wrote you you foucus on cosmetic on each new version. Do this what you promise better OPENGL support. OpenGL 2 don't work at all with CAD software , for openGl 3 we wait and wait. Even your competitor have this support.

    So summarizing STOP Promise JUST DO IT.
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  2. RuedigerI

    RuedigerI Bit Poster

    Yes - that's my most requested feature since years!
    Please add proper OpenGL 3.3 support.
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  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

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  4. KennethE1

    KennethE1 Bit Poster

    I agree!!
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  5. WolfgangH1

    WolfgangH1 Bit Poster

    I agree! Pls. add support for OpenGL soon.
  6. PaulG17

    PaulG17 Bit Poster

    Open Gl 3.0 support so I can use Sketchup inside Windows
  7. Hemnath@Parallels

    Hemnath@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hello @PaulG17. Does your suggestion concern our newly released Parallels Toolbox for Windows?
  8. alev

    alev Parallels Developers

    Please add titles of the OpenGL 3 applications, that you want to run in Parallels.
  9. Docent

    Docent Bit Poster

    Corpus 4 CAD ( I deliver you all what you need)

    this is for me.
  10. RuedigerI

    RuedigerI Bit Poster

    arivis Vision4D
  11. WolfgangH1

    WolfgangH1 Bit Poster

    SketchUp pro 2017
  12. KennethE1

    KennethE1 Bit Poster

    DIALux EVO 7
  13. PrashantT

    PrashantT Bit Poster

    OriginLab, scientific plotting application
    I've been waiting for upgrades in OpenGL for at least 6 years! Can't believe new versions of Parallels are released without upgrades to OpenGL!
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  14. MichaelR14

    MichaelR14 Bit Poster

    Seriously?? You are asking this question now, as users have complained about this topic since six (6!) years. You are on the fifth version and still Parallels 13 does not include OpenGL 3.2+, which is not even the latest. VMWare is more advanced. Oh yes, incase you want to read the news and find out about software that does not work you should subscribe to this thread in your own stupid bulletin board. How can you ask this question without invalidating all the users on the other thread? Are you reading and understanding the users complaints at all?
    AutoCAD requires DirectX 11, Recap requires OpenGL 3.3.
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  15. RPASA


    I have to say I am pretty Pizzzzd off. Before purchase, you weighed up the competition, it is so close.
    Your business makes the decision to go with Parallels versus another VM versus a standalone PC.
    You buy the latest iMac (June 17) to reduce the loss in VM performance. You buy the Windows, you buy the PC version of the software instead of the Mac version since it is still in Beta etc (GlobalMapper).
    AND then it all falls over because of a tiny bit of hardware firmware that they (refuse) to update. OPenGL 2.1 came out in 2006! That's back when the Wii was released! The latest release of Parallels is fluff & bubbles I really don't give a Shizz about, I mean I can do that stuff on my mac!
    As a recent purchase, I am only thankful I havent bought the other software intended for the VM (Pix4d), Last night I almost paid for the $500US LiDar module for Global Mapper but thought I will investigate this OpenGL warning message first. Glad I did. With no other software on this VM, I ASS_U_MEd the OpenGL issue was with Global Mapper software...surely not the most well known VM brand! Well YOU_Made_An_ASS_ out of me with that assumption...a costly one.

    Look! if my kid was born when OpenGL 2.1 came out, it would be in high school now! Time for Parallels to Grow Up too! OpenGL 4.1 Please but if thats a struggle the 2009 version 3.1 would help.
    If this is a management directive not to update I would be the most embarrassed software developer (look for a new company).
    (where's the Angry emojicon?) Oh found it: :mad:
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  16. BrendonM1

    BrendonM1 Bit Poster

    Sketch up Pro. Please on behalf of whole architectural community
  17. StefanB1


    SketchUp runs well on Mac (native), but I agree that SketchUp on Windows doesn't work in Parallels. This is sometimes needed for specific plug-ins.

    Following CAD software works in Parallels for me (so not all is bad):
    • Revit 2016 and 2017 (with warning that it runs without hardware acceleration)
    • AutoCAD 2017
    • Rhinoceros 5
    • 3ds Max 2017
    • Navisworks 2017
    • ARCHICAD 20

    Not the smoothest, but usable.
  18. JanV3


    The upcoming Pythagoras version 16 will only run on parallels with OpenGL 3+ support.

    We don't want our customers to switch.

    Thanks for resolving the problem asap.

    Team Pythagoras
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  19. TimothyH4

    TimothyH4 Bit Poster

    I would like to have CTvox (by Bruker) working with Parallel. Being waiting for years. There is NO reason whatsoever that Parallel company shouldn't do this very loooooooooooooong time ago. Don't give me excuses any more. Just DO IT, or pack up your company.
  20. ClaudP

    ClaudP Bit Poster

    They do not implemment OpenGL because they do no know how to. Not capable of doing it.
    Head of soft development is not proficient.
    Move to VM for that feature.
    I left 3 years ago for this same reason.
    Good Luck.

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