OpenGL Problems?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by MBX, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. MBX


    since v3 it seems that open-gl isn't working properly.

    parallels states that 3d performance got much better and enhanced (and i did activate the direct-x and put vram memory to 64mb max.). but most of my 3d applications like maya, 3ds max, xsi (that i use for work) aren't behaving nicely anymore.

    xsi is the only one that really starts up properly. the others get errors about graphics or open-gl not working or something like that.

    i'm a little surprised to deal with these issues after having bought this version and read about how much better it was for 3d when in fact i'm not the only one with problems regarding this issue.

    any ideas, suggestions?
    (i know i could always uninstall and re-install v.2.5 but there's a reason why i bought the 3.0 too and i'm not happy not being able to use it)
  2. neilford


    Ditto, for me. There are several related discussions going on here on this.



    You can get studio max to work by choosing software, instead of OpenGL or DirectX. Probably, not what you want.:-(

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