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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ddrotts, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. ddrotts

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    Hi, when I receive an email in my Entourage (ie attached Word doc...), when I click on it, it opens it in MS word on my Parallels... I do not want this to happen I want it to open word in my Mac side, this just started after I upgraded the version. please help....

    Parallel build 4128
    On my Mac.. using MS Office 2004
    On the Parallel side, using XP Pro and Office 2007
  2. Ankou

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  3. ddrotts

    ddrotts Bit poster

    Hi thanks, but how can I change so evertime I open a file on my mac side it opens it in Office Mac 2004, instead of Office 2007? Not just one file but all of them. I know how to right click and tell it to open with Mac 2004 then click always, but I want this to be a default. I'm really pissed that Parallels would make this change for me, I did not tell it I wanted my files to be default to Office 2007, is this a bug in Parallels???
  4. John Howard

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    Based on what I've read in this thread and others, this so-called "SmartSelect" sounds like a big mistake as currently configured. I don't have v3.0 (I run build 3214) but it seems that such a feature doesn't always work as described. Therefore it should be turned off by default and made very difficult to turn on.

    I for one have always valued certainty in knowing what app would open which file.
  5. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Team

    Hello All,

    It is known bug in SmartSelect default configuration. It is already fixed and will be included into upcoming (very soon) 3.0 update.
  6. ddrotts

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    When do you expect this update to come, I need to get all my files exts, back to Office 2004....
  7. betheeem

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    Yes...please let us know the release date of update, If my staff have to wait too long we will be forced to go back to older version.

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