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    Just a general observation -

    After having migrated my VM from Parallels v. 4 via 5 and 6 to the current v. 7 (and from a 2008 MBAir to a mid 2011 MBAir), I've finally decided to give "Faster Virtual Machine" a chance. This setting essentially enables the Disk Caching policy, which means that a lot of interaction between the VM and the Mac's hard drive is shifted to in-memory operations. I'd shied away from doing that in the past because of the increased memory requirements and a sluggish Mac. But now, with 4 Gig on the MBAir, it's working like a charm! My 1 Gig Win7 64 bit VM already ran very nicely on the 4 Gig mid 2011 MBAir with an 1.8 GHz i7, but now it's really fast. And the Mac side of things still plays nice - no hiccups so far.

    I'll try to do some Windows benchmarking later (probably using the WEI).
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