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  1. note: this is a suggestion for the Coherence mode, I understand that the menubar is not there when running the VM in Full Screen mode:

    Would you consider an Parallels option to automatically hide the Max OS menubar in the same vein as you can set to automatically hide the Windows task bar?

    Aspects for me to consider for my reasoning
    a) I have never become a fan of the menubar. If I am in a program, I am just not interested in seeing it, until I want to use it. Therefore an option to automatically hide and reappear if you move the mouse over it, would be great. Especially if I am in a Windows program!!!!!
    b) Actually only a hidden menubar would give you TRUE Coherence. In the current Coherence, Mac OS is always there - even if you are in Windows program and have very little interest in doing anything on the menubar (within Parallels).

    I know that there is program out there that does this: Menufela by http://ninjakitten.us/
    But it has several downside: it is still Beta, does not work with Leopard, and actually seems to be out of development (last version one year old).
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  3. Hi MacDream,

    there seem to be some misunderstandings. a) I certainly do not want to switch to VMWare because of a minor issue like that, b) my suggestion is about the menubar, not the status bar, and c) I am fine withe the Full Screen mode as well (not interested that it might use more resources, if it does this) - effectively saying that I would like to have the option to automatically hide the menubar in the Coherence mode.
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    I'm sorry if you feel I misunderstood you.
    What I wanted to point you is that:

    1-There are several people looking for maximize the screen usage and/or customize Parallels interface in order to get an OS smooth integration with the guest OS and it hasn't been easy.
    2-PresentYourApplication doesn't work with Parallels, but wonderfully with VMW, only to give you and alternative. (I know now you're not interested though)

    I think your best bet is to wait for Menufela to be updated for Leopard.
    I gave them some support and emailed them with no response. They might need more.

    Sorry I couldn't help. If I learn something I will be back to this thread to let you know.
    Please do so as well.
    Good luck.
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    I would like to see the same implementation as in Vmware, which has the menu bar on top of the screen show up when you hit the upper border of the screen. NAd also the Laung feature is great, together with the applications menu branching out to show all installed app.s
  7. Hugh Watkins

    Hugh Watkins

    I just use two screens

    us wrinkly mac people started with a 9 inch screen and a 17 inch as well as soon as we could afford it and the video card to go inthe single slot

    A MacBook Pro with an Apple Cinema screen 22 inch is my standard set up at home

    Hugh W

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