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    I have a Windows XP (!) .pvm file that I would like to run.
    I have been running it in Parallels Desktop for Mac, but recently upgraded to an M1 MacBook, which can't run the old x86 pvm files [correct me if I am wrong]. It's unclear if Parallels will eventually support old Intel based pvm files, but as far as I can tell, the M1 preview doesn't.
    Is there any way to use an old .pvm file?
    Some ways I though might be possible:
    -- a cloud-based service that can load and run a .pvm file
    -- a Parallels for Windows that can run a Windows VM within Windows (!)
    -- some other app that can open and run a .pvm file
    -- and of course, an M1 Parallels that can open and run an Intel .pvm file
    Are there any options out there?
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