OS/2 Guest/Windows XP Host: No Internet Access *despite* working TCP/IP!

Discussion in 'Parallels Workstation for Windows and Linux' started by PGHammer, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. PGHammer


    I'm in the middle of an odd dilemma. No matter what I seem to do, I can't get on the Internet at all with OS/2 Warp 4 (GA) This is either with *or without* NetBIOS installed. I have no trouble with Windows NT guests or even Windows 95 guests (and the Warp V4 guest DOES snag a DHCP lease (it's configured in TCP/IP for DHCP)). How do I fix this issue so I can start installing fixes?

    I have a Windows 95 SR2.1 guest and an NT4WS SP6a guest that work with *zero fiddling*. NetBEUI is not installed, and only OS/2 demands NetBIOS.
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  2. rs37


    Can`t you get on Internet or are you having problems with name server translations? Can you ping others ip`s?
  3. sieversjr


    Is OS/2 Warp 4 (GA) setup to also ask for DNS and does it receive this when you receive the DHCP addressing information?

    Check the ARP table under OS/2 Warp and ensure that the MAC address information is in sync
  4. PGHammer


    Inbound is fine; Outbound isn't!

    No Internet access at all. I cannot ping other IPs. My IP address (according to OS/2 itself, mind you) is (which is coming from the router). This is confirmed by Parallels VNIC on the XP host side. It's picking up the router and my DNS server IPs (also from the router). So inbound appears to be fine; however, outbound is severely mucked up. This is, so far, the ONLY guest that is giving me grief. NT4 is fine (in fact, I applied Service Packs 5 and 6a via the LAN, and installed IE6 via the Internet (the setup file was copied via the LAN)). NetBIOS *is* installed; however, it appears to be broken (which is why PEER wouldn't work). I *can* ping the guest from the host, so the issue appears to only be outbound.
  5. PGHammer


    Outbound, not inbound, apparently

    It is set for DHCP. As far as I am aware, my router is NOT set to act as a DDNS server (it DOES act as a DHCP server, which OS/2 is set to recognize). It picks up both the outside name server and DNS nameserver addresses.

    So far, the problem is outbound, not inbound.
  6. brittonx


    I was having similar problems until I applied the latest TCPIP and MPTS updates to OS/2.

    I would strongly recommend using the Update CD tool. It can be found at: http://xenia.sote.hu/~kadzsol/rexx/sajat/updcd.htm
    Update CD will allow you to build an updated bootable OS/2 Install CD with newer drivers etc.

    An easier way to build the updated CD is the Warp Update Kit. It can be found at:
    This package contains all the basics needed to make an updated OS/2 install CD without you having to find and download all the fixes yourself.

    I made an updated install CD which installs cleanly without any problems.

  7. PGHammer


    Thanks for that!

    That would be *ideal*...if it didn't have to be run from within OS/2 (or does it?). I was able to get up and running after applying FP15 (which I burned to an ISO, along with several other fixes and utilities, and applied using the FastKick/DSKXTRCT method, which meant no floppy-swapping). I now have Netscape/2 wailing away in my OS/2 guest. If I can get this to work in Parallels, I'll actually have a *bootable* OS/2 SuperWarp for future installs.

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