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Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by LogicalVue, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. LogicalVue

    LogicalVue Junior Member

    I'd love to play around with OS/2 Warp again. Does anyone know if this is still available anywhere? Can it even be purchased or downloaded? If so, does it work with Parallels?
  2. dkp

    dkp Forum Maven

    It is called ECommerce now and is still available. And you can get it on Ebay, too. I still have every copy I ever owned starting with 1.1 through 4.something. And it runs fine in Parallels.
  3. Maurilio

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  4. antblog701

    antblog701 Junior Member

    You can try eBay for OS/2 Warp, I got my copy there.
  5. janstett

    janstett Bit poster

    Man, I used to be a big OS/2 guy. I interned for IBM in East Fishkill, NY in 1991 and saw betas that still had Microsoft copyrights in it, and the Workplace Shell back then was a seperate install and by default you still had the OS/2 1.3 Program Manager. Man I wish I had kept that. I was so blown away by it I did an internship at Boca Raton the following year during the OS/2 2.0 launch. I met Mike Kogan (chief architect). I still have a bunch of what are probably now rare OS/2 tee shirts including the Blue Ninja, 1.3 logo, and a bunch of Team OS/2 stuff.

    I eventually lost track/interest when it was clear NT was so much better and I switched (I tried 3.1 but it was 3.5 that did it for me).

    I just installed Warp 4 and it's not the OS/2 I remember but still cool to see it running. To think how mind blowing this should be, running my Intel Mac (!) inside which an OS/2 Virtual Machine (!!) is running Win-OS2 (!!!). Geek-gasm!

    Any problems if I dig up my Warp 3 disks? Maybe even 2.0 or 2.1 for nostalgia?

    Also I guess I need to find a less archaic browser. Any tips?

  6. Scrutch2001

    Scrutch2001 Junior Member

    You can install the latest versions of Firefox (Browser) and Thunderbird (Email). They work quite nicely with eComstation (and, I presume, OS/2 Warp 4). You might not be able to get the full functionality of some websites that use Flash 8 or other recent multimedia content (YouTube, for one), but on the whole they work quite nicely

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